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AUSFARTH! Minimal in München, Germany

Well, for 26th of july PAPAGRANDE has organized a party for us in München, Germany. Actually we will participate in an other party with our DJ's  and Vj's together with some German friends. Our section will be called AUSFARTH which means EXIT. We will bring some specific sounds with us such as electro, trance, deep house and minimal in the morning. We look forward to this event since this will be our first time together playing in Germany.

 The artists are:

2004 CINETRIP Vj torna finals - Riorokoko and Dj Phos

Click the image to see the videoThis is a recording from the 2004 Vj championship finals in Hungary.  This performance was the winner. The music was mixed by Dj Phos. Apart from the elctronic bits he's using many classic Hungarian punk tracks to add to the meaning of the strong imagery of Riorokoko's live performance video.

click on the image to see the video


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